Understanding carpet styles

Soft surfaces are, and always will be, the top choice of homeowners. They're beautiful and provide so many advantages, such as noise and temperature insulators, and it just keeps getting better with constant innovations and technological advances. It can be hard to choose with so many carpet styles, but always select the one that will best meet your needs. Here's a guide to styles, from Cheap Charlies Flooring, your carpet store in Newport, NC.

Cut piles and loops

Every rug fiber starts as looped and is threaded through the backing. Like the Berber carpet, some stay as is, a straight loop, while others are cut in varying heights. The primary cut pile is where the loops are sheared in an upright position with the ends exposed. When the fibers are also densely packed, it gives the rug a luxurious, soft, velvety texture, such as Saxony Straight.

Sometimes the rugs are cut into high pile rugs, like the shag, requiring a little more cleaning. Low pile rugs have short, tightly woven fibers and, while they can also be soft, they are easier to keep clean, and some say more durable. Others, like the frieze, fall somewhere in the middle; the fibers are long but not as long as the shag and are twisted too tightly they curl.

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Fibers will be your most important decision

That is because the fiber is what makes up the rug, and it determines a carpet's appearance, texture, performance, and longevity. While there are acrylics and blends, five fibers stand out as the most popular. Wool is natural and soft. Don't be afraid of the white color because it has natural oils with tiny scales that repel dirt.

Nylon makes up over 50% of residential carpets; it is known for ultra strength and good resistance to stains. Next is polyester, a non-absorbable fiber with superior stain resistance. Olefin is budget-friendly and also has good stain resistance and strength. This is commonly seen in berber carpets as well as on office and other commercial facilities, floors. Triexta is relatively new to the market and has already established a reputation for ultra strength and permanent stain resistance built into the fiber.

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